• Where can FLYTE be shipped?
    We ship internationally.
  • Do your shipping costs include import duties or any other fees?
    Our shipping costs cover only the transportation of the product from our warehouse to the country of the recipient and do not cover any import duties, taxes, or additional fees. Duties, taxes and fees follow local regulations and it is the recipient's responsibility to be aware of the policies in their country. The recipient alone is fully responsible for payment of any fees or duties generated by their purchase. Thank you for your understanding!
  • When is the expected delivery and how will I know when my FLYTE is arriving?
    FLYTE delivery time is estimated between 3-5 business days. You will receive a separate notifications via email once your product is dispatched and ready to be delivered by our local carrier.
  • How do I change my order?
    To make changes to your order, please fill out the contact form with your Order Number and the changes you would like to make. Order changes can not be made after the product have been sent out.

    For returns and refunds, please read our Terms and Conditions.
  • How do I levitate my FLYTE product?
    Check out our Tips Page for links to video tutorials and other instructions.
  • International compatibility
    All FLYTE products come with a low voltage global compatible AC/DC adapter.
  • Do I need to replace the Light Bulb?
    Our energy efficient LEDs are built to last with a lifetime of 50.000 hours. That is 22 years at 6 hours per day! We also sell spare light bulbs in our online store. Should the glass break we also sell replacement glass that can easily be replaced.
  • What happens in case of a power shortage?
    In case of a power shortage, you the levitating products will simply fall back to the base due to the magnets. Reset your FLYTE product once power is restored.
  • What material is the base made out of?
    The wooden bases are crafted out of sustainably sourced, quarter-sawn wood.
  • How does levitation work?
    FLYTE products floats freely in the air via magnetic levitation and the lamp is powered wirelessly via induction. Our lower voltage wireless power module is completely safe and harmless.
  • Technical breakdown
    Check the individual product pages: FLYTE lamp, LYFE planter, STORY